The Flow Guide™ in your local language (where available).

Each language has a custodian who has volunteered their time to both translate the guide, and to become a custodian. They do this freely and generously and for that we are extremely grateful. If you find an error in a translated document, please contact the translator directly to support them. If you need further support, please contact

Official Version

Language Translations by Action
English (November 2019) – Official Current Version Nigel Thurlow, John Turner, Brian Rivera

Community translations

Language Translations by Action
Arabic - Egyptian (November 2019) Dr. Hoda Saleh and Dr Mohamed Saleh
Audio Descriptive Version (November 2019) James C. Thomas
Dutch (November 2019) Bastiaan Brouwer
French (November 2019) Clement Fiorio
German (November 2019) Rolf Irion
Hindi (November 2019) Prachi Gupta and Atulya Krishna
Italian (November 2019) Marco Baldini and Bastiaan Brouwer
Japanese Tomoharu Nagasawa
Korean (November 2019) Chungeun Kim (Jane) and Chungil Chae (Chad)
Polish (November 2019) Evelina Edmundson
Portuguese BR (November 2019) Christopher Thompson (Lean Institute Brazil)
Portuguese PT (November 2019) Hugo Lourenco
Punjabi (November 2019) Lina Ghosh
Romanian (November 2019) Viorel Ovidiu Herinean and Natalie Caraman
Serbian (November 2019) Aleksandar Drenovac
Simplified Chinese (November 2019) Eric Ren Hui
Spanish (November 2019) Javier A Miranda Primary Translator (with support from Roger Venegas)
Traditional Chinese (November 2019) Kia Loo
Ukrainian (November 2019) Denis Gobov and Alisa Poliakh